Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's Bully and Nelson, and we just want to say
That our hound family can not wait till the day,
You come down our chimney with your bag full of stuff
We really do hope that it's not full of fluff...

We have some suggestions for hound gifts you see
We hope you don't mind, its one item... maybe three
We love all that sqweeks and crunches and more
Ok, it's NOT three... it's quite a bit more.....

Some collars would be nice or a jacket or two
A bed just for us? Oh yes that'll do.
Along with some jammies, oh that sounds quite nice
Some stuffies to tear up? Just don't look at their price...

Some Rain dog treats and some Sonic and food
My-my this is long, we hope you don't think it rude....
A portrait of us to put up on the shelf,
Eh whats that sqweeking? mmmmm oh it's an ELF!

Oh yes, where to put all these presents of ours?

Over there! by the tree, you can stack them in towers!

There is plenty of room, plus our stockings to fill

With new grunting hedgies oh yes what a thrill!

So Santa will you come?...Yes? Just like you should,

What's that The Momma? You mean we had to be GOOD?

Well now, that's a problem, just what can we do......

We'll blame it on Brody!!! It's practically true!

See... we ARE sweet!


Bully and Nelson

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Greyt Snowball Fight!

Happy Howlidays!!!!!

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The Greyt Snowball Fight

Bully, Nelson, Stepper, Streamer and Cabby

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Miss you guys!

We miss blogging :( The Momma has not had time to help us! Thanks to our Iphone we are able to post a lot more on Facebook than we usually would though!! It makes it so easy! Expect more blogging after the 18th when The Momma closes up shop for the year ;) in the meantime, friend us on Facebook for daily posts and snippits from our day! See the link to the right for our Facebook page! Goodnight for now.....
-Bully and Nelson

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quickie

Hello friends! We wanted to stop in and let everyone know we are alive and well! We have a few quick updates for you.....

Nelson still has his bandage, he heals rather slowly and when The Momma decided to leave the bandage off he started chewing on the scabby scar :( so back with the bandage till it is completely healed.  Unfortunately we ran out of green vet wrap :( GASP! so for now it is white....

The Momma has been hogging the computer from us because of something called "orders". We got really interested when we heard that at first because we place "orders" with Sonic.... but this is the collar and stocking type of order for her company and since they are not edible... we lost our interest rather quickly.  Nonetheless if we are absent for longer than a few days this is the reason.....

She has also been getting ready for the GALT Christmas Event in Addison Tx, we were there on Sunday of last week and brought in a lot of customers that just came to love on us! Well.... not really but we bet a few came just to see us at least... We will be there again on Saturday with The Momma and all her collars, expect a report on that later next week, hopefully with some pictures! Stop by if you are in the area and give us some kisses!

At the GALT event Sunday....

And last but surely not least! Last Friday, we found out that Zack and Tabasco, the 9 year old brothers that we fostered for a bit, were adopted... TOGETHER!!!!  Well that just warms our hearts to see two lifetime companion siblings get to stay together for always..... but it gets even better.... We featured Zack and Tabasco on our blog in the upper right hand corner and soon added Chancey and Delayney too, a pair of 10 year old sisters that have been together all their lives that also needed a home.  Well guess what! Today we got word that THEY were adopted too! TOGETHER!!!! WOO HOO!!! It has been a triumphant week for siblings!!! Now we will soon have a big blank space where there little "ads" are, if you know of a pair of greyhound siblings that need adopting together please let us know so we can feature them here!

Well that is all for now, we titled this "A Quickie" but it really didn't turn out to be... we just had too much to share!

-Bully and Nelson

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nelson's Lumpy Leg Update

Hello everyone! Nelson here to give you an update on my lumpy leg.  For those of you who did not read yesterday on our FaceBook page the results are in and....

There is absolutely NO CANCER!!!!

The vet says that it may be an old injury and to watch to see if I start limping or if it starts to grow. Other than that we do not have to do ANYTHING more!!!! The Momma was so happy and started crying, We were so afraid it was going to be really bad news.  

Anyhow, The Momma had to run a quick errand this morning and came back with Sonic Burgers in celebration!  I got one all to myself!
 THERE ARE NO ONION RINGS IN THAT BAG, it just happened to be the bag they used

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burger!!!! the WHOLE thing this time!

I got a new grunting hedgie too! Brand new! It got quite the workout when The Momma gave it to me

Well I must admit that while The Momma was gone this morning I was so worried about her leaving that I made a mess in my crate :( The reason I look damp in these pictures is because I am (and I am NAKED too!)  The Momma had to give me the best bath she could without getting my incision and stitches wet.  She was only gone an hour but remember what happened the last time she left me, I was at the Vet.  So I was very upset and nervous.  The Momma cleaned me up but my nasty bandage had not been spared from the muck, it had to go.

So here is my leg, I left the picture small because some people hate seeing this stuff, you can click on the pic to make it full sized though.  The Momma says they did a good job and I have no swelling and very little bruising. 

What Momma? You are going to put a new bandage on me?
geez... well ok....I sure hope it isn't yellow.......

uhoh....Here she comes with the box of bandages, gauze and tape.....

YAY GREEN!!!!! I thought I would help out a little, The Momma was not appreciative of me trying to steal the roll... I got it away from her a few times :) I was still a little excited from getting my hedgie...

There is is, good as new.  Here I am inspecting her handiwork. Don't worry, it is not too tight, the Momma did it as loose as possible since it needs to bend.

I am feeling pretty good today, even better after my bath and getting that huge bandage off! 
thankyou everyone for your good thoughts for me. They WORKED!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nelson And The Foster Boys

Hello everyone, Nelson here.  It has been a busy last few days for me and The Momma which is why we have not been able to posty.  On Tuesday I had to go in for my biopsy.  They were going to go in, see what they found and either take a sample or remove the lump if they could.  Well, it is not going to be easy :( they removed what they could but it is wrapped around my tendons so there is a lot left of the lump. They made me spend the night too :( so I was apart from my brother for a whole day, it was not fun at all.  The Momma says Bully missed me a lot and was so sad.

But The Momma came to my rescue, picked me up from the vet and I got a burger for lunch to go with my meds on the way home :)

See my horrible yellow bandage? ewwwww don't they know I like green? I have to wear a baggie over it when I go out to pee since it is wet here too, how embarrassing.  The Momma says it will come off in a few days.

Anyhow I am feeling fine today but a little chilly, The Momma let me borrow Streamers jacket so I can be extra toasty warm. I have been sleeping a lot but I wanted to get on here to let all my friends know that I am doing ok.  The biopsy results should be available on Friday or Monday....

Well, there was something else that I wanted to tell you about, a surprise that was at my house when I got home on Wednesday... you remember a few weeks back me and Bully were asking you to take a look at Tabasco and Zack, the brothers who needed a home? (see the upper right hand side of our blog for their link)

They are here for a short visit :)

This is Tabasco, aptly named because he has the most energy and spunk of the two


The Momma loves his sweet face

"I am extremely cute and you know it!"

and this is Zack, who is a bit of a funny goofball

"I'm gonna getcha!"

"look at my fancy footwork"

"What is that THING inside the window?"
(it was Brody the schnauzer!)

"It's so fun to play outside!"

Well that is all the updates I have for now, The Momma will get some more pics to post soon, we have just been so busy! There are 9 hounds in the house now! That is a lot to take care of.

Thankyou all for your kind thoughts for me, we are all hoping that this lump turns out to be nothing and they can leave it alone forever!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Howloween!

Hello friends and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Very few of you know what our Daddyman does for a living.  He has a REALLY cool job! He works at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison TX.  He is an aircraft mechanic and works on the old warbirds and keeps them flying so that everyone can enjoy their beauty and learn about the history of flight.  The Momma and out little human Sister love to go up there and see all the planes.

Well The Momma always thought it looked like we were wearing permanent flight suits or bomber jackets and thought we would look great as WWII "Flying Tiger" (har har-cause we are BRINDLE!) P-40 Warhawk pilots!!!

Daddymans work actually has a P-40 Warhawk and the only thing that would have made this photoshoot even better is if that plane happened to have been in our backyard today ;) too bad we have not installed that runway yet....


A closeup of the costume, The Momma had to order these patches special from the Internet... the goggles are Doggles, actually made for houndies, we got them because Nelson has Pannus..... they just happened to work perfectly. Did you know that the "Flying Tiger" tiger logo was designed by Disney?

Then Daddyman used a punch at work to make us our very own personal "Dog tags"
They have our ear tattoo numbers, our "Call names" and our racing names on them!

Are we sexy or what!

Nelson's Encounter With the Fence

Hello Friends, this is Nelson

For those of you who are not our facebook friends (why are you NOT our friend yet we ask?) Yesterday Bully posted that I ran into the fence.  I don't know what I was doing, The Momma thinks that maybe I was having a bad pannus day and perhaps the glare from the sun made it hard for me to see. (I am too embarrassed and I am not telling her what happened!) I was standing next to The Momma while she was loving on Bully and I turned to start running and WHAM! hit the fence which was not too far away :(  The Momma was facing the other way so she did not see me, good thing cause that would have been even more embarrassing.  I really hurt my leg though.  There is no blood and I am not limping but there is a big black and purple bruise.  The Momma says I am very lucky.

Thankyou very much to everyone who had good thoughts for me yesterday.  When I ran into the fence I also hit my nose and there was a scrape there that got swollen. I kinda looked like I had a roman nose for a few hours.  My front leg (the one with my three toed alien foot) has a huge bruise that The Momma held some cold stuff to for a bit yesterday, I did not like that but as long as she was rubbing my belly at the same time I allowed it. It smelled really good though, The Momma says it was "Frozen bagged chopped spinach" yummy, wish I coulda eaten it.  Between me trying to sniff the frozen spinach bag and also demanding that she rub my belly by rolling onto my back waving my legs in the air The Momma was having a difficult time keeping the bag on my leg ;) he he he.  She needed an extra hand.

Those two bruises have joined forces today and are one really BIG bruise, this is about an hour after I hit the fence.

So, we were going to take some pictures of us in our Halloween costumes yesterday, but after I hit the fence The Momma decided it needed to wait. We will do that sometime today hopefully. Do not worry, our costumes are not going anywhere ;)

We DID go to Petsmart yesterday and got loved on by everyone we met. That was before The Fence.  There were a lot of other dogs there that we completely ignored, even when they were growling and barking at us.  The Momma was so proud, we have not really been anywhere with her that had a lot of houndies that were NOT greyhounds. We didn't even try to eat the cats that were for adoption.

Here we were inspecting the toy wall

YEA! FOOOOOOOD!!! There it is right there do you see it can we havesomenow?

I promise Momma, I did NOT make that puddle...... honest....
my leg was up cause I was.... stretching it... yea....

Well, we have more to post but it will have to wait till later, Blogger is giving us trouble with pictures.... we have to refresh each time we try to add one and it only lets us add one at a time! Cabby went Trick or Treating with our little girl Emma and he was dressed up ;) Look for more later tonight!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Getting Cold Outside!

Weird things start to happen around here when the temperature drops....

Now, we are in Texas, so most of you will hear us complain about the cold and blow it off, roll your eyes and scoff.... but you must remember we are used to 100+ degree summers that last 9 months of the year (OK we may be exaggerating there...just a tiny bit) Me and Nelson were born, raised, raced and retired all in Houston so it is all we know.  Anyhow, when temps drop below 65 we bust out the jackets.  So deal with the whining and humor us ;)

Here is where the weird part comes in, you know me and Nelson snuggle, we share our beds all the time. But when Mr Extremely Grumpy and Mr Hyper Social Butterfly start sleeping on the same bed and TOUCHING it is something to gawk at.....

Yep, that is Streamer and Cabby keeping eachothers feet warm....

As you can see, Mr Extremely Grumpy (regularly known as Streamer) already has his jacket on, he lives in that thing if the weather even hints at being chilly.  He will find it, wherever it is, and actually bring it to The Momma, dragging it through the house in his mouth.  She holds it up and he will walk into it to put it on by himself.  He gets really upset if she takes it off too.... refusing to leave the porch to pee when she sends us all outside if he is "Naked"  :)

What can we say, he is an odd one, but he is our brother and we love him.

Well friends, we had a big day planned tomorrow but The Momma canceled it.  There is a Halloween party for hounds about an hour and a half away from us but since Daddyman has to work The Momma decided that she didn't feel comfortable driving by herself. Plus I get carsick if I am in the car for more than an hour. So tomorrow we will go for a trip to Petsmart to get dogfood and later have a photoshoot in the yard of us in our ACTUAL costumes! No photoshop! We will see how that goes.... So stay tuned!


And just in case you thought we were joking about Mr Extremely Grumpy's name.....

Named by the breeder, not by The Momma! But..... it fits him......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

GALT Blessing of the Hounds

Hello Friends! 

It has been a while since we really wrote anything, The Momma lost her PawPaw last Saturday the 16th and has been very very sad :( He fought against the evil Cancer for many many years.  We never met him but we know he would have loved us, he loved dogs and children and his family so much.  The Momma says he was a wonderful man and she misses him greytly. So this whole week we have been spending time with her, doing our funny halloween pictures, trying to cheer her up and keeping her mind busy.

Well, ALL week she has been looking forward to going to the GALT Blessing of the hounds which was tonight at sunset. We almost didn't get to go because there was a HUGE storm that blew through! There was hail and wind and thunder.... luck was on our side though because the sky cleared and the sun came out right when we needed to leave the house! So The Momma quickly loaded us into the HoundMobile and we were off!

We were 15 minutes late but we made it!

Here we are loving on the nice balloon lady, Sara

The Momma was given two balloons, one for Martin and one for Outlaw.  The ladies took time to read names of houndies that have crossed The Bridge, there were so many..... The Momma was surprised to hear our brother Outlaws name since he died over a year ago, that made her heart so happy <3 
They read Martin, Rachael, Pudge and Braden's names too.  then we all released our balloons into the sky

See that cute lady smiling at us? That is Gaea's Momma Barb <3 we lubs her

and here is Gaea! We haven't seen her since our night on the town! Mimi the Tutu'd Jack Russell Terrier was supposed to meet us here too but her Momma was not feeling good :(

Here Gaea and Bully conspire the next night escape adventure 

Lookie who else we ran into!!! Its Cricket!  he used to be known as Ray (or "Raymond" as The Momma sometimes called him) and lived with us for a while as a foster! The Momma was so happy to see him and he looks so good! He remembered The Momma and Bully :) 
(Nelson was not living with us when he was here)

Here we posed with Cricket

Then with Gaea, it was getting dark so the pictures are kinda horridly lit....  

 Here we are mingling, Gaea again in the background

Then this very nice lady blessed us and we each got a treat!

All too soon it was time to go so we escorted The Momma back to the car in the spooky dark

Then guess where we went?
Yep! Sonic! Here we are looking over the menu... 
a moot point since all The Momma ever lets us get is a plain dry cheeseburger....

cheeeeeeeese burrrrrrrrrguuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....................

Then we were headed home once more, an hour drive... when we got near the house it started getting very foggy,  probably the result of the storm that came through earlier. The Momma said something about it being thicker than pee soup.... we told her that was gross, even to a dog.

anyhow it was really pretty so she stopped on one of the country roads 
and took a picture of the pee soup moon. 
shouldn't it be yellow?

and that was our adventure!

Thanks for reading and see you on facebook!
Bully and Nelson