Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mr Martin

We want to talk for a moment about Martin. Martin was a wonderful brother of ours who left too too soon :( He was our foster brother for a few weeks before he became very ill and had to be sent to a special vet who could watch him 24/7. The Momma tried so hard to help him get well but it was not to be.  He had something called distemper which makes Momma very angry because it is a disease that can be so easily prevented with vaccines....

if you have been living in a hole void of greyhound news and you have not heard of the FWAC28 you should go here and educate yourself.  These houndies were horribly neglected.  Martin had babesia and ehrlichea and a load of intestinal parasites that would make anyone nauseous. When he came to us he had already had hundreds of ticks removed from his body, momma had to remove about 40 more....

We really loved Martin, he was a lot of fun on his good days.  He loved sqweeky toys and we were more than happy to share ours with him. Here we are (below) on guard duty, Martin loved his crate (we can't imagine why!) so we were making sure that no one messed with him...

Here is one of Mommas favorite pictures of him, we think it is funny that his right leg was SO much more brindle than his left ;) He had a great smile.

Today, exactly one month ago, Martin lost his struggle.  The Momma was called to be at the vet, she spent some time with him and told him that she loved him. The distemper was devastating to his already weak and immune suppressed body.  He had neurological symptoms which meant he had no chance of recovery.

He is home now.....

We were very glad to have Martin here for the short time he was with us, he was a wonderful brother. We miss him very much and we know Momma does too. She is so deeply touched that so many people loved Martin as she did.

Yesterday she received this in the mail from her very dearest friends Shannon and Jackie (They are the Mommas of our girlfriends Lorelei and Carmen by the way)
The Momma says thankyou so very much, we saw her get all weepy eyed :( She says she will wear the pendant today......

We hope that this sad topic does not dissuade you from reading later, we are serious when we need to be, but we will be back to posting fun stuff later....

Bully and Nelson


  1. Beautiful beginning Nelson and Bully!!

  2. Remembering Martin and sending hugs to the Momma.

  3. Poor Martin; glad he had the chance to know love with you guys though :)

  4. Martin was a wonderful boy, and I know he was very happy in his last days. I'm sure you were great "brothers" to him - the best any pup could ask for. <3

  5. Martin was a special guy and we totally understand! The presents your mom got are just beautiful!

    I'm so excited that you guys started a blog!

    Nose Kisses,

  6. I think Martin was so blessed to be with your family. He knew love and that's the most important thing and his struggle was not in many more people (more than you can imagine) now know what wonderful work GALT does and will be there to help.

    It's very strange, I have never met Martin ... or you...yet I feel he's here with me, maybe his spirit is touching us all for a reason...but he touched my heart like no other. Thank you for being his mom, you will both always be remembered. Bless you.