Monday, August 30, 2010

We're to sexy for our.... well everything!

Well The Momma is very far behind on this little photoshoot.....  We had to whip her into shape today!

We have a very dear friend in Houston named Linda.  She works at the adoption center at the track we used to race at!  She even remembers us racing back in 2006 ;)  of course, how could you ever forget us ;) plus we rocked the racetrack!

Miss Linda is a crochet MASTER! As a thankyou for helping her, she sent The Momma this beautiful afghan with greyhound profiles!  She made it herself! isn't that wonderful???

A little detail...

Well she didn't forget us! We got two necklaces (very manly blue and red)

These are our simultaneous "come hither" looks
I don't know... maybe Nelson is just worried.......

She also used her powers of crocheting to make us these warm snoods!!! Now, it has been 100+ degrees here in Texas so we cannot use them just yet, but we will! It was just cool enough today to do a photo shoot with them.....

Momma put the snoods on us and we turned into goofballs, hamming it up for the camera!
ha! you can't see our ears! can you tell who is who?

BOOP, you got somethin' in your eye! hahahaha!!!

We don't even know what to say about this picture...... Momma just keep laughing.....

Thankyou so much Miss Linda!!! We love the snoods so much and The Momma loves her afghan! She is trying to find a way to hang it still ;)

Bully and Nelson


  1. Those pics are just tooo GREYT!!!!!! Love you guys!

  2. Bully, I'm a sucker for your eyes! I know which one of you is which! You both look very handsome modeling those snoods!


  3. Danielle BennignusAugust 30, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    That last pic is AMAZING...

  4. Greyt photos Bully and Nelson - Love the snoods and your mom is a very lucky lady to have been given that gorgeous afghan....

  5. I love that last picture - too cute :)