Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The True Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nelson's Day Out

Hello everyone! Nelson here to tell you all about my day!

I know you are all expecting Sonic, but surprisingly The Momma and my little girl Emma really wanted Subway! So I got to eat some chips and some slices of turkey and bacon. mmmmmmmm

What was even more fun is that after The Momma got the food we all went to eat at a little table outside! I am not sure, but I think this may be better than Sonic.  Everyone who passed by told me how beautiful I was and some even pet me! That never happens at Sonic.  

I still would have liked my own burger though.... 

Anyhow, we were just around the corner from the 3 Dog Bakery!!! So we walked over there 
(I got even MORE comments that way!)

I tried on a hat, aren't I cute?
well you already knew I was cute....

Here is my favorite spot in the whole place, the wall of treats.  
Don't you think they need to use me as a model?

Here is another pose for consideration.....
I got the cheesy smile going

The momma picked out some treats to take home, this flavor was a big hit last time. 
The Momma and Daddyman even tried these, they smell so good.  

tee hee!

Then I rode all the way home sitting with my little girl, my paw in her lap <3 I love her so much

I know most of you are wondering.... where was Bully?

Well, he stayed home, because I had to go to the vet.  The Momma is worried, 
she says something is wrong with my leg. 

Very few of you may remember that Bully had a tumor last November. It was on his left rear knee
(this is Bully's leg Nov 2009)

It was removed and it turned out to be a Neurofibrosarcoma or a Malignant Nerve Sheath Tumor
(this is Bully's leg after surgery Dec 2009)

It has a high rate of recurrence but so far, almost 11 months later it has not come back.
Here Bully is in his "Bully pants" to keep him from messing with his stitches.

Well here is my leg :(
We thought it might have been the same thing as Bully's, that would make sense because we are 
full siblings and perhaps it is genetic. 

 They have done a fine needle aspiration of the lump and have determined that is may be inflammation or bacterial.  Which is way different than what Bully's FNA results were back in Nov.  We are not sure if this is good or bad.  Today the vet lady wanted to take another look at it to see if I need to go to a specialist to get it removed.  For now she will send all my info to a dermatologist to see what they have to say about it...She says they may need to take a biopsy.

Here is a picture of both my legs, you can compare the skinniness of the normal leg to the one with the lump.

It doesn't hurt me, and looking back through the many pictures The Momma has of me she discovered that I have had it for a while.  The Momma's main concern is that I have lost a lot of hair recently and that no matter how much she feeds me I never seem to gain any weight.  I always look a little too thin.  Bully did the same thing till his tumor was removed, then he packed on the pounds really easy.  So maybe if they make this lump go away I can do the same thing.

So please keep me in your thoughts, Bully and The Momma too, we all need eachother.  We will post updates as we know them..... we are labeling this post as "Nelson's Lump" so you can click on that label at the bottom of the post to find all the updates later.....


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Ultimate Gift Boks

Well this posty is late, The Momma has had a lot going on this week. She took a LOT of pictures that she had to sift through for this posty! She had to leave out quite a few good ones there were so many....

So anyhow, a few days ago we got this great smelling box in the mail. 
As you can see below it smelled REALLY good!

and here is why!!!! 9, count 'em 9 bags of treats!!!!! 
WOW!!! And they are all different flavors too!

As we were all sniff-sniffying Cabby decided that one of them was HIS for the taking!

So off he went!

And this is what he did when The Momma called him and told him to give it back!

Well she did get it back but not till she had chased Cabby around a bit.  He dropped the bag then Nelson grabbed it!!! So then she chased Nelson! A great time was had watching The Momma with her two slow legs!

Once the bag was safe in The Momma's hands again we all got a good sniff and a few treats from it, 
but Nelson was determined to have that bag!

We finished that bag off so she got out a new one ;) 

And treats were handed out once more!!!! Without stealing this time.... 
See how happy Cabby is? (top lefthand side)

Thankyou so very much to our friend Stacey who owns Raindog Treats! She so generously 
sent their new sampler boks for us to try!!! 

We gotta tell you THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!! Go check them out and order a boks of your own! 
Tell her that The Unruly Crew sent you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Brother Stepper's 10th Birthday!

The Momma LOVES houndie birthdays! (so do we!!!) Sometimes we all get dressed up, sometimes the birthday houndie gets to go somewhere, sometimes there are toys.... it is usually different but there is ALWAYS CAKE!!!

Well today was Steppers 10th birthday, The Momma was gonna make it so great! She was going to take Stepper for a ride to eat a burger at Sonic then take him to Petsmart to pick out a toy of his very own.  Well the Houndmobile had other plans... it decided to make clicky noises instead of starting.  She tried using the charger thing on it but Daddyman thinks maybe it is the starter or a fuse....

ANYHOW, she had to take the tiny Civic to go to petsmart without Stepper :( we really needed dogfood! But she picked out a toy to bring home for him ....

He loves it :)

Well after she got home we all got ready to have CAKE!!!!

But the birthday houndie always gets to have the first lick ;)

Here is a picture if you can't see the video ;)

*COUGH* ahem, yea thats a little more than a lick.....

Then she let us all outside too, to drool over the cake.  It had a protective forcefield otherwise it would have been a goner.

After she cut the pieces she tested our patience by taking pictures....

See how good we all are? we are waiting patiently.......

Then we all got to chow down!!!!

The video doesn't show all of us getting a piece but we assure you WE DID!!! The Momma can only do so many things at once with two hands so the second round of cake was not recorded.

Happy birthday Stepper bro!!!

Bully and Nelson

PS-Stepper will still get his trip to Sonic once the houndmobile is fixed and you will see a post about it for sure!!!!

UPDATE: The Houndmobile has been fixed!!! the connection on the battery was all corroded :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The WINNER!!!!

The moment we have all been waiting for!

Well, there were 39 magnets sold, each time a magnet was bought a number was assigned to the person who bought it.  So The Momma numbered slips of paper and had Daddyman pick three slips out of a bowl

He pulled 8, 18 and 25

so The Momma drew those numbers in green icing on three cookies and placed them in a row... mmmmmmmmmmm icing cookies......

Nelson got to pick the winner the last time so this time it was my turn! Sorry the pics are kinda blurry, we were losing light fast and that makes for crummy pics.... but you can just say I was too fast for the camera ;)

So here I come!!!! which number is it gonna be?!?!?!?!


NUMBER 18!!!!!!

nom nom nom, number 18 is especially yummy....

ungh, dah isink ith sthuk tu dah toph of mah mowfh

SO!! THE WINNER IS.....................


and the funny thing is... when I posted that I had drawn the winner on Facbook (but not announced who it was yet) Miss Janine was the first person to "Like" my post!!!!! hahahahaha!!! What are the chances?!

Congratulations Miss Janine!!!! you win a "All you need is Love" magnet!!!!

But thats not all!!!

We have a very special lady who ordered every time we had a fundraiser, she ordered a B&N canvas, BOTH Martin magnets AND an Angel magnet.... so for participating in every fundraiser we offered, we are also sending Miss Rita Wulke an "All you need is Love" Magnet too!!! <3  thanks for all the support Miss Rita, we love you!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our fundraisers! You are all the best!!!
Bully & Nelson and The Momma

The Bully and Nelson Fundraisers!!!

Hello again to our dearest friends, today we have a wonderful announcement!!!! 

Yesterday all the Angel Magnets for the GALT Fundraiser were paid for! There were 39 (of 40) sold which WOULD HAVE come out to a $273 donation to GALT, BUT due to so many people adding a few extra dollars to their donation we were able to send GALT $320!!! 

(Click on any pictures in this post to see them full size)

The GALT Angel Magnet Fundraiser

Unfortunately, the Angel fundraiser is the last one that we will be doing at this time :(  The Momma has gone back to work and is getting into the busiest part of the year.

We really want to share the success of the many fundraisers that were completed within the last month and a half.....

First, the Paws For GALT fundraiser, where we painted 24 canvases with our paws. A masterpiece that is now spread around the world! (One canvas is in England and another in Ireland! Plus a few in Canada!) it made $350 in donations....

The Bully and Nelson "Paws For GALT" Canvas fundraiser

Second, the Martin Magnet series I, donations totaled $125

Martin Magnet series I

Third, the Martin Magnet series II, donations totaled $120. 
Both Martin magnet series sold out in around 20 hours.  Martin was a very special boy <3

The Mr Martin Magnet Fundraiser II

All these donations for a total of

Not only that, but the B&N Paws for GALT canvas donation was matched 
dollar for dollar for an additional $350!

AND then the B&N Fundraiser package that was available in the 
recent Carpe Canem auction went for $60 yesterday!!!
(it included both Martin Magnets, the #5 canvas and a B&N magnet. An angel magnet 
was added as a bonus for the price going to $60!) 

so a grand total of  

We would like to thank everyone who participated in these four fundraisers from the bottom of our hearts!  It warms our houndie souls to see such love for greyhounds and GALT all around us.  Without all of you we would not have been able to make such a fantastic donation sum to help the hounds of GALT and specifically, the FWAC hounds!!

Much Love and Many Kisses,
Bully & Nelson and The Momma Holly

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ARRRRR!!! Shiver Me Booty!

Ahoy me hearties!  Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!! 

This here be Capn' Bully the Seadog and Cutthroat Nelson the Swab. How do ye like our seafarin' hearty clothes? ARRRRR! We be havin' a canary fer a parrot!!

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come o'er, grab a shot o' rum an' leave a comment ye scurvy dogs! we would love t' hear what ye be havin' t' say. Leave no words for us n' ye soon be walkin' the plank, savvy?

Capn' Bully and Cutthroat Nelson 

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Night (And Morning) On The Town

Late last night we were on Facebook chattin' with some of our friends and decided we needed some excitement! Mimi the Jack Russell had the grand idea of us stealing... ahem, borrowing The Momma's car so we could go out for burgers! We devised a plan and both MiMi and Gaea Gorgeous Girl Greyhound asked their humans to let them outside "to pee" and we swung by stealthily in the dark to pick them up! HA!

We had a blast out causing trouble but did not get any pictures till this morning, we were too busy having fun.  Here we are back at Sonic getting brekkie and some coffee :) For some reason Mi decided she wanted to dance on the roof, there was a lot of that last night... she lost her pink boots somewhere.... and Gaea ate so many burgers we thought she would burst! We went club hoppin' in Deep Ellum and got a few new tattoos too.

click the pic to see it bigger!

anyhow, everyone has been delivered safely back to their home (hopefully without the humans noticing...) and we managed to somehow keep the car in once piece.....

Off to snooze,
Bully and Nelson

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Begging is an art.... like ballet

but way yummier ;)

Here we have put together a tutorial of one of the many ways to get treats and other things that you want from humans...

First step, acquire a target.  This one seems to have a bag that may or may not have treats in it.  It doesn't matter if you know that for sure or not... beg for whatever is in there anyways.  If they do not have treats maybe they have a toy or one of those tiny snack sized dogs in there...

BINGO! Lookie there, our target was chosen wisely. This box of  treats is already OPEN too!

Now is the delicate part, we don't want to look TOO eager, the target needs to feel comfortable putting their fingers in close proximity to our mouths to deliver the goods. Here, Bully could use a little less ear action

Better! But now Nelson......

Perfect! Now we have achieved the look of complete innocence.  When working in pairs, as we often do, it is also a big plus if you can do things synchronized.  Bonus points if you are twins in the first place ;)

And success!!! We worked our skills so well I think we got to eat about half of that box of treats.....

And there you have it, a few nice pointers for begging :) Good luck!
results may vary, see The Standard Houndie Begging Manual for full details. Bully and Nelson claim no responsibility for your begging session if it is not successful, if it is....well, we will accept ALL the credit!!! (^_^)

This tutorial was brought to you in part by Louise (the "Target") and the Three Dog Bakery (The Filming Spot)....... we have many many more pictures from this trip but we are splitting them up into a few different posts..... so stay tuned!

Love and Happy Begging, 
Bully and Nelson