Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Angel Magnet Fundraiser!

Hello Friends!!! As you probably know, GALT was a major part of the FWAC 28, a seizure of 28 emaciated and horribly neglected greyhounds and Saluki mixes in Fort Worth....the 29th hound, Braden, came days later but died of complications of his shocking condition :( you can see all the info at the link below, this link has NO PICTURES-but beware,there are graphic pictures if you follow another link on this page....  GALT ended up with 10 of the 29 hounds, though Braden, Rachael, Martin and Pudge have since left for the rainbow bridge :(

This fundraiser is in their honor <3

We would like to offer special thanks to-
  • Barbara Berner, Rachael's foster momma, for the idea for this magnet.
  • Susie McQuade for sending The Momma pictures of Martin, Rachael and Pudge.
  • Joyce Walters who took these pictures of Martin, Rachael and Pudge for the GALT site. 
  • Stephanie LaNoue, Braden's foster momma, for the pictures of Braden.

This magnet is larger than the previous Martin Magnets, almost three times as big! it measures 5 1/2" by 4 1/4"
From left to right, Rachael, Martin, Pudge and Braden

It is the same floppy style as the Martin Magnets as well

The Angel Magnets are $10 each, $7 goes to GALT, $3 covers postage, supplies and paypal fees. (postage is much higher for these magnets, they are almost three times the size of the small Martin Magnets and require larger envelopes)

Payment is by Paypal only! As that is how I make the donation to GALT

We do not have these in hand yet, they should be here in a few weeks.  I will send paypal invoices when I receive them!
If you would like to reserve one please Email The Momma Holly at

*****SPECIAL!!!!***** Once all of the magnets have been claimed and paid for we will draw a random name from the list and that lucky person will get a Bully and Nelson "All you need is Love" magnet ;)



  1. How cool! We hope you sell tons of those magnets!


  2. Holly, That is a Awesome idea. We received our Martin magnet and it is on our fridge! Thanks so Much to you for all you do to help these babies!