Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Begging is an art.... like ballet

but way yummier ;)

Here we have put together a tutorial of one of the many ways to get treats and other things that you want from humans...

First step, acquire a target.  This one seems to have a bag that may or may not have treats in it.  It doesn't matter if you know that for sure or not... beg for whatever is in there anyways.  If they do not have treats maybe they have a toy or one of those tiny snack sized dogs in there...

BINGO! Lookie there, our target was chosen wisely. This box of  treats is already OPEN too!

Now is the delicate part, we don't want to look TOO eager, the target needs to feel comfortable putting their fingers in close proximity to our mouths to deliver the goods. Here, Bully could use a little less ear action

Better! But now Nelson......

Perfect! Now we have achieved the look of complete innocence.  When working in pairs, as we often do, it is also a big plus if you can do things synchronized.  Bonus points if you are twins in the first place ;)

And success!!! We worked our skills so well I think we got to eat about half of that box of treats.....

And there you have it, a few nice pointers for begging :) Good luck!
results may vary, see The Standard Houndie Begging Manual for full details. Bully and Nelson claim no responsibility for your begging session if it is not successful, if it is....well, we will accept ALL the credit!!! (^_^)

This tutorial was brought to you in part by Louise (the "Target") and the Three Dog Bakery (The Filming Spot)....... we have many many more pictures from this trip but we are splitting them up into a few different posts..... so stay tuned!

Love and Happy Begging, 
Bully and Nelson


  1. You boys are MASTERS at your craft.

  2. Oh no! I caught Ollie and Larry reading this & comparing notes....

  3. Very cute. I enjoyed reading these tips that you both do to get treats. Very creative. Zoey and Zip would love your tips too. They have seemed to master some of your tips too. Looking forward to seeing what other tips you both have.

  4. *hehe* Greyt stuff there ;)

    Just remember that the tiny snack sized dogs are not really snacks!

    Cute as always boys :)

  5. You two have raised it to an art form for sure! I want to dance in that ballet, too! I have taken careful notes, especially about the ear positioning!


  6. Going to practice what I just learned from y'all!
    Hawk aka Brown Dog

  7. Song says you forget one simple trick.....get the prey to look into those beautiful eyes...get's them everytime:)