Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beginning in The End

Hello! Bully here to tell you how I came to live with The Momma....

It all started over a year ago.  The Momma adopted a houndie named Outlaw. She says he was beautiful and as soft as a bunny.  He was 10 years old when he came to live with The Momma and my brothers Stepper, Cabby, Streamer and my sister Fiona.  He celebrated his 11th birthday here and quickly learned how to wrap The Momma around his little dew claw.

The Momma was in love, just as she loves all of us, but Outlaw was special somehow.  Perhaps it was because he was her first senior houndie.  Perhaps it was his charm and beauty. She jokes that his name was perfect, because he stole so many hearts.

About three months after The Momma adopted him Outlaw got hurt. The Momma heard him cry out on the other side of the house one day, she ran to him to find him limping and yelping in pain.  She never figured out what happened, he was alone over there so no one hurt him.... He could not walk so, even though he hated it, she carried him inside.

Many trips to the vet... x rays.... about 6 different pain meds... Outlaw got no better.  No one could figure out what was wrong.  For 38 days The Momma stayed home with him, walked next to him to guard him from falling, carried him when he could not walk outside. She made all his food from scratch to get him to eat when the meds upset his stomach.  Nothing could keep the evil illness from making him worse.  On September 2nd he was walking very well, The Momma was happy, perhaps they had found the right meds..... perhaps Outlaw would get better!  But it was not to be.  That night he took a turn for the worse, she knew in her heart it would be his last night so she slept with him on a dogbed on the floor.  They shared a blanket and she held his paw all night.

On the morning of the 3rd Outlaw looked older, The Momma said it seemed he had aged overnight.  He had that look in his eyes, the look that says "I have done all I can, I am tired and my body cannot go on"

The Momma and Daddyman took him to the vet, they examined him, he had developed a heart arrhythmia and a blood disorder that caused blood to pool in his neck.  They could run tests, but it didn't look good.  the Momma and Daddyman decided it was time, they held him in their arms as the vet delivered him from his pain forever.

That was today, one year ago.

You may be wondering why, why does this have anything to do with Bully?

When Outlaw died, The Momma wrote one of her favorite poems on her website on Outlaws remembrance page.  It is a poem by Robert Frost

Natures first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leafs a flower
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf
So eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay

She had memorized this poem back when she was young, from a book called The Outsiders. The main character reads it at his darkest hour, when he realizes that all good things must come to an end. She was heartbroken.  

She knew in her heart that she would adopt another houndie someday, but that thought made her feel guilty.  She asked Outlaw to send her a sign when he thought that it was ok.

Fast forward to September 21st.  A post on a greyhound message board caught her attention.  Included was this very picture.

These boys were available and dangerously close to The Momma. Their racing names were Bailey Switch (Nelson) and Pony Boy (Bully).  Now, remember that poem in The Outsiders that Momma posted for Outlaw? The character that read that poem in his darkest hour was named Pony Boy.  Was this the sign from Outlaw?

The Momma could go on and on with the details of this story. Here I am going to make a huge leap and skip some parts that may just drag..... The Momma says she could write a book about it if she really wanted to. 

Nonetheless, I went from one adoption group to another.  2 months later, when I arrived at The Mommas adoption group I already had an application for adoption pending when she inquired about me (She asked about Nelson too but he also had an open application!)  The Momma was heartbroken, I was so close but so far away.  Luckily a day later the person who put an application on me decided to adopt another houndie! Another sign? another twist of fate? I was headed home the next day with my new Momma <3

Now, Outlaw was still on her mind.  She felt horrible guilt as I came home with her.  She decided she would let me stay over the holiday (it was Thanksgiving weekend) and make The Decision afterwards.  Thanksgiving came and went and she knew I would stay.  She still felt guilty though, so as she walked out into the blinding sunshine to go check the mail one morning she looked up. She asked Outlaw, was it ok? Was he sure? She had her answer within minutes in the form of a notecard...

"Memories are like stars in the dark night of sorrow.

May time soften the pain until all that remains is the beauty of the memories.... and the love, always the love....
A donation has been made in memory of Outlaw to Hope for Hounds By Sharon H."

Almost three full months had passed since Outlaws death, and that note came on the very day she needed it most.  She called GALT and I was hers forever.

So today, The Momma mourned the 1 year anniversary of the loss of Outlaw. She understands now that it was not simply The End, but that Outlaw also blessed her with a wonderful new Beginning. 


Thankyou Outlaw <3 I love you.....
-The Momma


  1. OMG Im crying so hard :( What a BEAUTIFUL letter of love. Outlaw YOU were so My first boy Icer...
    Mommy listened and you sent her the message. Thank you for being there for Mommy..I love your Mommy too. She is so special and God knew EXACTLY where to place you to live out the best days of your life.
    Hugs to Bully and Nelson..such pretty Mime boys:)

  2. Now I've composed myself and wiped away the tears I can comment.

    How wonderful that Outlaw was a part of your life. It was fate that Bully and Nelson came along when they did.

  3. Loved your story... Thanks for sharing -

  4. So beautiful. I adopted my first greyhound very soon after the death of a pet that was close to my heart... a squirrel. Strange connection, for sure - but animals have a way of bringing you into the wider community of love. Outlaw was clearly behind all of this, and a driving force in the efforts you make in the adoption world. What a gift...

  5. Loved your story, too. Hope you feel extra love on this sad day of Outlaw's passing -- because he sent you 2 special boys to take his place!!
    My special guy, Wizzie, who left me 2 years ago, sent me my 2 beautiful girlies! But I still miss him everyday, too. Hugs to you.

  6. This post was so touching... thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful story of healing. Sending you lots of virtual hugs today!

  7. So Sweet - your mom obviously has a very very very big and wonderful heart. We send you all BIG hugs! <3 <3

  8. Maybe its the first ones that get that big special piece of our hearts. Dancer was my first rescue ever and I learned so much from her. Like your Outlaw something mysterious made her turn downhill pretty quickly. It was so hard to let her go even though I knew it was the best for her. As a nurse I know there are things far worse than death but my heart was holding on. Five months later and I am still crying even though (like you) it actually took two hounds to fill the place of Dancer. Breesy (for Drew Brees) and Harlow are young and full of energy and kisses but I so miss my dancing girl. I guess I always will.

  9. Bully and Nelson, your story sounded so much like my story that I had to turn around three times on the couch and resettle myself to think about it! Treat was Mom's heart dog and she thought it would be a long time before she adopted another hound, too, because Treat was so special to her and all. I think she was doing alright reading the story until she got to that part where he gave your mom the look. That whole part was just like with Treat.

    My silly mom didn't even see all of the signs Treat sent her until after I came home here to live with her. I think I do a pretty good job of taking care of Mom for Treat since I got here!

    I'm so glad you found some new friends from our little shout out yesterday, too! Once somebody was nice enough to mention us, so it's no trouble!

    Nose Kisses,

  10. Wow, what a story! You're a blessing Bully!

  11. Hi Guys,

    That was a furry lovely story about Outlaw and how you came to be with your mommy. Thanks for sharing. We found the link to your blog on the blog hop and are now followers.

    Bijou & Banjo

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for sharing the story.

  13. Aww boys, you are making me cry at work. Wonderful story.