Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Boks for Stepper

This is a post about our big brother Stepper, he turns 10 on the 24th!  We will let him tell this story......

Hello! Stepper here!  We got a boks the other day here at the Unruly Hound house, The Momma did not know what or who it was for so she just put it outside on the ground and started taking some pics of us investigating :)  We had no problem figuring out the mystery for her!

here you can see (from left to right) Streamer sniffing the boks, Me sniffing Bully, Bully (being sniffed ha ha) and Nelson sniffing the boks also.  That brindle blur at the bottom is Fiona :)

Momma pulled back some of the tape and Cabby took over as usual!  He is the professional boks opener in the family.  Well, I kinda had an inkling that this boks was mine so I stuck really close to supervise....

See I am still watching ;) This is the point where Momma took the boks to investigate what was inside before Cabby destroyed whatever it was......  She read the packing slip which said "Happy Birthday Stepper, Love Amy and Maddie"

Since Cabby has a tendency to hog all the fun, Momma put him and my other brothers and sister inside so I could have the boks all to myself :)

Inside was a HUGE cellphone that rings when you bite it!!! I was so EXCITED!

I put on my bat ears because the sound was so intriguing! 

Thankyou so very much to Maddie my love and her momma Amy!  Now I can call Maddie whenever I want to <3



  1. Oh Stepper! That was such a nice special present!! You are such a lucky, and handsome, boy!!

  2. Happy early Birthday, sweet Stepper! For what it's worth, I see that you're a Libra - so am I, and so was my first girlie greyhound, Desiree. Elegance, grace and charm, all classic Libra characteristics, are clearly yours in large amounts. Have a great time celebrating!

  3. What a great present! I've seen Cabby intercept the mail before, so I'm glad you got that box to yourself before he could tear into it! Now that you have a phone, you just need to find some magic plastic and you can order from catalogs!


  4. Just wait until that cell phone bill bites back! :)

  5. Hi! Houndstooth suggested we check out this journal. What a cool phone. I bet Barbie would love one. Hehe.

  6. Hi, I've just found your lovely blog via bunny at houndstooth.

    I look forward to reading about all your lovely dogs.

  7. wow everyone is finding thiss blog from bunny at houndstooth, thats where i found it!
    you guys had me laughing so much at the cute dog love letters! i am now officially following the blog!

  8. Hey guys - Bunny told us about your blog!! Yall are some good looking pups! We are excited to be fur friends!

    Fred and Haylie

  9. Dude, I'd sure like a cell phone of my own!!! Sniffin' over to ya from Bunny's blog!

  10. I came over to meet you all from Bunny's blog.
    I LOVE LOVE all you guys!!!!! I love Greyhounds so very much!! You are the most beautiful dogs there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to become a follower and I would love you to come see me at my blog OK???
    XXX, Fern

  11. 94 year old grandpa named Pups for short puts milkbones in unused kleenex boxes and throws it into the middle of the living room to watch me go bonkers....oh seniors!
    BTW...I'm your newest follower...Cheers

  12. Hellos you cute doggies!!

    We's Puggies and furiends of Bunny's!!

    We's wanted to say hello and welcome yous to bloggyvilles!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man