Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bully and Nelson Fundraisers!!!

Hello again to our dearest friends, today we have a wonderful announcement!!!! 

Yesterday all the Angel Magnets for the GALT Fundraiser were paid for! There were 39 (of 40) sold which WOULD HAVE come out to a $273 donation to GALT, BUT due to so many people adding a few extra dollars to their donation we were able to send GALT $320!!! 

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The GALT Angel Magnet Fundraiser

Unfortunately, the Angel fundraiser is the last one that we will be doing at this time :(  The Momma has gone back to work and is getting into the busiest part of the year.

We really want to share the success of the many fundraisers that were completed within the last month and a half.....

First, the Paws For GALT fundraiser, where we painted 24 canvases with our paws. A masterpiece that is now spread around the world! (One canvas is in England and another in Ireland! Plus a few in Canada!) it made $350 in donations....

The Bully and Nelson "Paws For GALT" Canvas fundraiser

Second, the Martin Magnet series I, donations totaled $125

Martin Magnet series I

Third, the Martin Magnet series II, donations totaled $120. 
Both Martin magnet series sold out in around 20 hours.  Martin was a very special boy <3

The Mr Martin Magnet Fundraiser II

All these donations for a total of

Not only that, but the B&N Paws for GALT canvas donation was matched 
dollar for dollar for an additional $350!

AND then the B&N Fundraiser package that was available in the 
recent Carpe Canem auction went for $60 yesterday!!!
(it included both Martin Magnets, the #5 canvas and a B&N magnet. An angel magnet 
was added as a bonus for the price going to $60!) 

so a grand total of  

We would like to thank everyone who participated in these four fundraisers from the bottom of our hearts!  It warms our houndie souls to see such love for greyhounds and GALT all around us.  Without all of you we would not have been able to make such a fantastic donation sum to help the hounds of GALT and specifically, the FWAC hounds!!

Much Love and Many Kisses,
Bully & Nelson and The Momma Holly


  1. Thank you both for all of your hard work in helping The Momma raise lots of money for GALT.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I am ALMOST speechless (and you know how hard that is for me!). Brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart! You are the absolute BESTEST!!!!
    -Licorice Roo

  3. Great Job!!
    PS...I thought my husband would die,not literally, laughing over the B n N pirate picture!! Thanks for the chuckles!!

  4. that is really an awesome idea! I think if I have some spare time I'd do a fundraiser for the RSPCA over here in Australia ;) yay