Monday, September 27, 2010

Nelson's Day Out

Hello everyone! Nelson here to tell you all about my day!

I know you are all expecting Sonic, but surprisingly The Momma and my little girl Emma really wanted Subway! So I got to eat some chips and some slices of turkey and bacon. mmmmmmmm

What was even more fun is that after The Momma got the food we all went to eat at a little table outside! I am not sure, but I think this may be better than Sonic.  Everyone who passed by told me how beautiful I was and some even pet me! That never happens at Sonic.  

I still would have liked my own burger though.... 

Anyhow, we were just around the corner from the 3 Dog Bakery!!! So we walked over there 
(I got even MORE comments that way!)

I tried on a hat, aren't I cute?
well you already knew I was cute....

Here is my favorite spot in the whole place, the wall of treats.  
Don't you think they need to use me as a model?

Here is another pose for consideration.....
I got the cheesy smile going

The momma picked out some treats to take home, this flavor was a big hit last time. 
The Momma and Daddyman even tried these, they smell so good.  

tee hee!

Then I rode all the way home sitting with my little girl, my paw in her lap <3 I love her so much

I know most of you are wondering.... where was Bully?

Well, he stayed home, because I had to go to the vet.  The Momma is worried, 
she says something is wrong with my leg. 

Very few of you may remember that Bully had a tumor last November. It was on his left rear knee
(this is Bully's leg Nov 2009)

It was removed and it turned out to be a Neurofibrosarcoma or a Malignant Nerve Sheath Tumor
(this is Bully's leg after surgery Dec 2009)

It has a high rate of recurrence but so far, almost 11 months later it has not come back.
Here Bully is in his "Bully pants" to keep him from messing with his stitches.

Well here is my leg :(
We thought it might have been the same thing as Bully's, that would make sense because we are 
full siblings and perhaps it is genetic. 

 They have done a fine needle aspiration of the lump and have determined that is may be inflammation or bacterial.  Which is way different than what Bully's FNA results were back in Nov.  We are not sure if this is good or bad.  Today the vet lady wanted to take another look at it to see if I need to go to a specialist to get it removed.  For now she will send all my info to a dermatologist to see what they have to say about it...She says they may need to take a biopsy.

Here is a picture of both my legs, you can compare the skinniness of the normal leg to the one with the lump.

It doesn't hurt me, and looking back through the many pictures The Momma has of me she discovered that I have had it for a while.  The Momma's main concern is that I have lost a lot of hair recently and that no matter how much she feeds me I never seem to gain any weight.  I always look a little too thin.  Bully did the same thing till his tumor was removed, then he packed on the pounds really easy.  So maybe if they make this lump go away I can do the same thing.

So please keep me in your thoughts, Bully and The Momma too, we all need eachother.  We will post updates as we know them..... we are labeling this post as "Nelson's Lump" so you can click on that label at the bottom of the post to find all the updates later.....



  1. Thoughts and prayers to you that all is well and it is nothing to worry about.

  2. Hang in there Nelson, LOTS AND LOTS Of Hugs and Prayers headed your way...for you and your Momma.
    Bec, Wayne and Shania

  3. Nelson, I have my paws crossed that it's one of those no big deal things! Now I'm worried about you!


    P.S. I LOVE that hat! If Licorice sees that, she'll be in a swoon!

  4. I'll have you and your momma in my thoughts and prayers, Nelson! Sending hugs both your ways, Sweet Boy. <3

  5. Nelson... lots of prayers coming your way from Rhode Island and big hugs for you and your Mama and Bully too (just cause). All of us here ( me and Bravo, Agnes, Callan and Silverman) will be holding you in our hearts till we hear this is absolutely nothing or easy to fix. We love you!!

  6. Loving the party hat:) Song would love to go into a Doggie Bakery (not got any here:().

    Sure hope your leg turns out to be easy to sort out.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your boo boo, please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing. I will be sending some extra hugs and kisses your way for you and your brothers and sisters. You have the best Momma in the world!
    We love you Nelson!
    Love Miss Ardith, Di and Ruby

  8. I'm adding my love and prayers that everything is going to be fine for you, Nelson.
    Bonnie and Free to Run

  9. Hang in there Buddy. If you need a steak to help you put on some weight, I'll be happy to help you out in that department! We are sending good thoughts and strength to you and your pack of 2 leggers and 4 leggers.

  10. Buddy we will be keeping our paws crossed for you!
    Subway yummm we love that place too but sonic is better - we get hot dogs and tator tots!

    I so wish we had a 3dog bakery store by us, we love their products!

    Thanks for stopping by my dads blog and glad you enjoyed it :)

  11. Hi Nelson! Just want to share with you something I read. It's a line that I use often, "All is as it should be." You have brought joy and happiness to people who know you only through your pictures. That's major, Nelson! We know and we are thankful that you will continue to do that for a very long time to come. You're such a good boy!

  12. Nelson, we're all pulling for you and shooting prayers over to you. All will be well!

    You should have bought those hats - they looked great on you!

    PS: Your little girl is adorable!

  13. Nelson sending paws in prayer for you and your family. Be strong buddy! Lv Aunt T in NY

  14. Prayers comming in from Pittsburgh

  15. Nelson, I have missed you and Bully and your mama so much. I'm sorry that you have an owwie but hopefully the good docktors can get you fixed up riteawayquik. Wub, your friends at Camp Greyhound (Jan, Pal, Seguguio, Sorella, LadyBug, and Zeke-aroni).

  16. Oh, oh, oh.......I love that little hat. Sssshhhhh...I am sure Burr would not be happy with me if I got him one.

    We are sending lots of love and puppy prayers your way Nelson. Hang in there.

  17. The crazygang send you and your mama big hugs from over this side of the pond xx

  18. Sending prayers for Nelson...

  19. Same here, sending prayers and currently wondering how the vet trip went.

  20. I hope your sweet pups are doing well. I just had a nerve sheath tumor removed from my black, labmix, 10 year old female (I love dearly). The mass was about 2 inches above her paw. We are doing everything we can to preserve her leg. The mass is gone and we are now in recovery (Dec. 2011). Part of the mass had wrapped around the nerve so they had to cut some of the nerve too. Did you get radiation after your puppy's surgery? How is he doing? Thanks so much.

  21. Anonymous, I hope you get this, because I have no way to contact you! Bully had the nerve sheath tumor on his knee return about 2 months ago and had it removed again, plus two smaller ones. he has smaller nerve sheath tumors popping up on his shoulder and side. We have spoken to the vet about radiation but have not done it yet. Other than that he is doing really well.