Friday, September 17, 2010

A Night (And Morning) On The Town

Late last night we were on Facebook chattin' with some of our friends and decided we needed some excitement! Mimi the Jack Russell had the grand idea of us stealing... ahem, borrowing The Momma's car so we could go out for burgers! We devised a plan and both MiMi and Gaea Gorgeous Girl Greyhound asked their humans to let them outside "to pee" and we swung by stealthily in the dark to pick them up! HA!

We had a blast out causing trouble but did not get any pictures till this morning, we were too busy having fun.  Here we are back at Sonic getting brekkie and some coffee :) For some reason Mi decided she wanted to dance on the roof, there was a lot of that last night... she lost her pink boots somewhere.... and Gaea ate so many burgers we thought she would burst! We went club hoppin' in Deep Ellum and got a few new tattoos too.

click the pic to see it bigger!

anyhow, everyone has been delivered safely back to their home (hopefully without the humans noticing...) and we managed to somehow keep the car in once piece.....

Off to snooze,
Bully and Nelson


  1. Wish we lived closer - we would have joined you!

  2. Song says...I'd have definitely joined the partying.

  3. Bully & Nelson, y'all are AWESOME!!! Next time you, borrow The Momma's car, drive on down to Georgia and visit us. We have Sonic right here in town.

  4. That is a very jack russel thing to do - stealing the parents car! :) At least it was all in good fun and everyone got back safelty. LOL

  5. Now I know why Mi wouldn't wake up this morning..I had to drag her out of her bedroom to go potty...

  6. Aww, man! You guys should have called me! I'd have been happy to go out with you! It figures you all hatched a plan on the night I was at the nursing home.