Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Brother Stepper's 10th Birthday!

The Momma LOVES houndie birthdays! (so do we!!!) Sometimes we all get dressed up, sometimes the birthday houndie gets to go somewhere, sometimes there are toys.... it is usually different but there is ALWAYS CAKE!!!

Well today was Steppers 10th birthday, The Momma was gonna make it so great! She was going to take Stepper for a ride to eat a burger at Sonic then take him to Petsmart to pick out a toy of his very own.  Well the Houndmobile had other plans... it decided to make clicky noises instead of starting.  She tried using the charger thing on it but Daddyman thinks maybe it is the starter or a fuse....

ANYHOW, she had to take the tiny Civic to go to petsmart without Stepper :( we really needed dogfood! But she picked out a toy to bring home for him ....

He loves it :)

Well after she got home we all got ready to have CAKE!!!!

But the birthday houndie always gets to have the first lick ;)

Here is a picture if you can't see the video ;)

*COUGH* ahem, yea thats a little more than a lick.....

Then she let us all outside too, to drool over the cake.  It had a protective forcefield otherwise it would have been a goner.

After she cut the pieces she tested our patience by taking pictures....

See how good we all are? we are waiting patiently.......

Then we all got to chow down!!!!

The video doesn't show all of us getting a piece but we assure you WE DID!!! The Momma can only do so many things at once with two hands so the second round of cake was not recorded.

Happy birthday Stepper bro!!!

Bully and Nelson

PS-Stepper will still get his trip to Sonic once the houndmobile is fixed and you will see a post about it for sure!!!!

UPDATE: The Houndmobile has been fixed!!! the connection on the battery was all corroded :)


  1. Happy Birthday Stepper! Wow, what a great party!!!

  2. Hi Facebook Friends,
    I am the Fern Reed you met on FB. I am so glad I came to see you all now!!! I get to wish Stepper Happy Birthday!!!! My Bambi is going to have her birthday Oct 1. She will be 13 years old. I love having her for so long. I rescued her when she was 5 months old. She is a mixed Whippet and Lab!! She had 3 owners before me. She is a wonderful dog!!
    Do come and see me!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  3. Happiest of Birthdays, Stepper! That cake scene looks very familiar. I am so glad you all got to have some, and the trip to Sonic sounds like something I'd like to be involved in!


  4. Happy Birthday Stepper. Your cake looked yummy.

    Don't let your mum forget about the trip to sonic:)

  5. Very nice videos and I enjoyed watching. I look forward to seeing the video of getting your sonic burger.

  6. Looks like I missed the chance to crash one heck of a celebration!