Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Ultimate Gift Boks

Well this posty is late, The Momma has had a lot going on this week. She took a LOT of pictures that she had to sift through for this posty! She had to leave out quite a few good ones there were so many....

So anyhow, a few days ago we got this great smelling box in the mail. 
As you can see below it smelled REALLY good!

and here is why!!!! 9, count 'em 9 bags of treats!!!!! 
WOW!!! And they are all different flavors too!

As we were all sniff-sniffying Cabby decided that one of them was HIS for the taking!

So off he went!

And this is what he did when The Momma called him and told him to give it back!

Well she did get it back but not till she had chased Cabby around a bit.  He dropped the bag then Nelson grabbed it!!! So then she chased Nelson! A great time was had watching The Momma with her two slow legs!

Once the bag was safe in The Momma's hands again we all got a good sniff and a few treats from it, 
but Nelson was determined to have that bag!

We finished that bag off so she got out a new one ;) 

And treats were handed out once more!!!! Without stealing this time.... 
See how happy Cabby is? (top lefthand side)

Thankyou so very much to our friend Stacey who owns Raindog Treats! She so generously 
sent their new sampler boks for us to try!!! 

We gotta tell you THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!! Go check them out and order a boks of your own! 
Tell her that The Unruly Crew sent you!


  1. Lol, Cabby looks like he got to eat the whole lot himself:-) They look so yummy, we are deprived in New Zealand. I'd have to make them myself. Actually, it's just as well we can't get them in NZ cos I'd probably eat them all myself with names like Peanut Butter and Marshmallow! Great photos:-)

  2. Love the pictures especially Cabby's expression... Thanks for the reminder - I was going to order a box - and Now I will let her know that The Unruly Crew sent me.. They look sooo yummy!!

  3. We love a good story with pictures AND a happy ending AND smiling houndies!!

    Larry and Eagle

  4. I can't lie, if I got my mouth on a bag, I'd run off with it, too! Cabby, I salute you! I think I need somebody to send me a big box of treats... Hmmm...


  5. All those lovely treats - you lucky bunch. Not surprised Cabby was so happy.

  6. Where can 1 get a shipment of them?

  7. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  8. Anonymous, here's a link to the 'Specials' page of the Rain Dog Treats website. Our Treat Sampler is there!

    You can also just email us at:


  9. @Greyhounds can sit, The Momma tried the PB Marshmallow ones and SHE likes them too!

    @Sharon, your houndies will not be disappointed!

    @Anonymous, We put the linky in the last paragraph of the post :)

    here it is again!

    @Old Geezer, we love the name! thanks for following us!

    Bully and Nelson

  10. Hey lookie there, RainDog treat lady postied here herself!!! You only beat us to it by 3 minutes! ;)


  11. Excellent picture/story. This world needs more owners like you. I bet you'll have a Greyt Thanksgiving Holiday. I'd love to be that "fly on the wall... No Wait... Fly? Let me rethink that.... :-)

  12. The treats look lovely I will have to order some for Zip and Zoey. They must be so good because everyone have stated are they really like them.