Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We don't wanna go slow we go fast !!!

I don't wanna go slow I go fast !!!
I'm a greyhound I hop and I jump and I dash 
And I'll go whizzing by in the blink of an eye 
like the jet engine airplane who speeds through the sky 
I don't wanna go slow I go fast!!!!

I don't wanna go fast, I go slooooow 
That's the way that I move I'm a greyhound you knoooow
Join me as I go by, We can laugh, We can cry, 

we can breath, we can sigh, 
we can talk about why 
we don't want to go fast we go sloooooow

You don't want to go slow, you go fast... 
But you may find your missing the world you go past.
crickets singing their sound, golden leaves on the ground,
you might find something new that you wouldn't have found
if you never went slow, only fast..... 

-Bully and Nelson

With lyrics by Lori Berkner, adapted to reflect the Greyhound ;)


Fast and Slow Lyrics



  1. uber-sweet, b&n :-) love your pics, all of them, the fast and the slow ones. you two are just lovely!! xxx

  2. Great lyrics, and even better illustrations! You two are soooooooo good looking! I've started my morning with a tail wag!


  3. That was great - terrific s pics too!

  4. Those are two gorgeous brothers! I absolutely love their markings!