Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The WINNER!!!!

The moment we have all been waiting for!

Well, there were 39 magnets sold, each time a magnet was bought a number was assigned to the person who bought it.  So The Momma numbered slips of paper and had Daddyman pick three slips out of a bowl

He pulled 8, 18 and 25

so The Momma drew those numbers in green icing on three cookies and placed them in a row... mmmmmmmmmmm icing cookies......

Nelson got to pick the winner the last time so this time it was my turn! Sorry the pics are kinda blurry, we were losing light fast and that makes for crummy pics.... but you can just say I was too fast for the camera ;)

So here I come!!!! which number is it gonna be?!?!?!?!


NUMBER 18!!!!!!

nom nom nom, number 18 is especially yummy....

ungh, dah isink ith sthuk tu dah toph of mah mowfh

SO!! THE WINNER IS.....................


and the funny thing is... when I posted that I had drawn the winner on Facbook (but not announced who it was yet) Miss Janine was the first person to "Like" my post!!!!! hahahahaha!!! What are the chances?!

Congratulations Miss Janine!!!! you win a "All you need is Love" magnet!!!!

But thats not all!!!

We have a very special lady who ordered every time we had a fundraiser, she ordered a B&N canvas, BOTH Martin magnets AND an Angel magnet.... so for participating in every fundraiser we offered, we are also sending Miss Rita Wulke an "All you need is Love" Magnet too!!! <3  thanks for all the support Miss Rita, we love you!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our fundraisers! You are all the best!!!
Bully & Nelson and The Momma


  1. Congratulations Janine and Rita! You are two lucky ladies:) And thanks to Holly, Bully and Nelson for your great fund raising campaigns - I saw the total in your other post - WOW!

  2. *sticks paw up in the air* I'll volunteer to be the next number picker!

    Congrats to the winner!


  3. Had to smile at the biscuit being stuck to the top of Bullys mouth. Song often get's bits up between her gum and mouth and she comes to me to dig them out - don't think that was in my job description:)

    Well done on your fund raising.

  4. OMG that was the best way to pick a winner for a contest ever! You guys rock!!
    The pic of the treat stuck on Bullys mouth was hilarious!

    Fred and hay