Monday, October 4, 2010

A Gift From Little Emma

Hello again friends!!! We all hope that you have voted in our Costume contest in the last post!!

Well, ever since we posted the contest and it turned kinda chilly here we have all been in a Halloweeny festive mood!

A few days ago The Momma bought our little human sister Emma (she is 5 in human years) a big bag of beads because she has been wanting to make necklaces and bracelets.  She gets all her craftyness from The Momma ;)  Well after she had made some jewelry for herself she decided to make some for US!!! Isn't she so sweet!

So today we modeled our new fancy neckwear.....

Bully: "I am just too sexy......"

Nelson: "But I am cuter!"

We love our new necklaces! can you believe our little Emma made them all by herself?

Ladies can't resist a well dressed hound ;)

And now a lesson in perspective! SOMEONE SHRUNK BULLY!!!! LOL 
Don't know how The Momma caught that one!

Thanks for looking!
-Bully and Nelson


  1. yall are some lucky boys to have your little sis make those for yall! Look out studs!!

  2. Wow! You guys are so lucky to have a sister like Emma!

  3. Emma is great at patterning! At least, that's what Mom said. Just ignore her, she's still in PreK!

    I think you guys got even handsomer with your necklaces, and I didn't think that was possible!


  4. Love your neck-wear. How sweet of Emma to share her jewels with you!

  5. Love the necklaces. Emma is clever.

  6. Hi!
    Love the photos!
    You guys are so Cute!
    Very nice to meet you!
    Big kisses and pawshakes from Portugal!