Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Howloween!

Hello friends and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Very few of you know what our Daddyman does for a living.  He has a REALLY cool job! He works at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison TX.  He is an aircraft mechanic and works on the old warbirds and keeps them flying so that everyone can enjoy their beauty and learn about the history of flight.  The Momma and out little human Sister love to go up there and see all the planes.

Well The Momma always thought it looked like we were wearing permanent flight suits or bomber jackets and thought we would look great as WWII "Flying Tiger" (har har-cause we are BRINDLE!) P-40 Warhawk pilots!!!

Daddymans work actually has a P-40 Warhawk and the only thing that would have made this photoshoot even better is if that plane happened to have been in our backyard today ;) too bad we have not installed that runway yet....


A closeup of the costume, The Momma had to order these patches special from the Internet... the goggles are Doggles, actually made for houndies, we got them because Nelson has Pannus..... they just happened to work perfectly. Did you know that the "Flying Tiger" tiger logo was designed by Disney?

Then Daddyman used a punch at work to make us our very own personal "Dog tags"
They have our ear tattoo numbers, our "Call names" and our racing names on them!

Are we sexy or what!


  1. Ah so sweet and cute...Mimi was going hubba hubba...

  2. Jean and Crystal saidOctober 31, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    It was worth the late... I really like the one with the goggles on.. but then I like them all. Greyt job guys aka Flying Tigers

  3. I think those costumes are perfect for you two! Blueberry and I are both noticing a bit of turbulence here! I don't know how you'll ever come up with costumes better than these!


  4. Very clever costumes! Such dashing pilots!

  5. Amazing ,holly! You are the most creative lady! Love the boys costumes!

  6. Wonderful costumes! Better than any of the 148 kids that stopped by our house tonight!

  7. I can Not get over how cute and photogenic you guys are!

  8. Bully, mah Brown Shurgah Lub, yu ar sew handsum in yur flite geer. Ah wush yu cud fly two mah howse --- Ah miss yu!

    Awl mah lub,

  9. Oh man, those are awesome costumes!!!

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  11. I do love a flyboy!

    You flyboys can flyby!

    If ever I cast an aloft eye!

    Catch a glint from up high!

    For you two I sigh!