Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nelson's Encounter With the Fence

Hello Friends, this is Nelson

For those of you who are not our facebook friends (why are you NOT our friend yet we ask?) Yesterday Bully posted that I ran into the fence.  I don't know what I was doing, The Momma thinks that maybe I was having a bad pannus day and perhaps the glare from the sun made it hard for me to see. (I am too embarrassed and I am not telling her what happened!) I was standing next to The Momma while she was loving on Bully and I turned to start running and WHAM! hit the fence which was not too far away :(  The Momma was facing the other way so she did not see me, good thing cause that would have been even more embarrassing.  I really hurt my leg though.  There is no blood and I am not limping but there is a big black and purple bruise.  The Momma says I am very lucky.

Thankyou very much to everyone who had good thoughts for me yesterday.  When I ran into the fence I also hit my nose and there was a scrape there that got swollen. I kinda looked like I had a roman nose for a few hours.  My front leg (the one with my three toed alien foot) has a huge bruise that The Momma held some cold stuff to for a bit yesterday, I did not like that but as long as she was rubbing my belly at the same time I allowed it. It smelled really good though, The Momma says it was "Frozen bagged chopped spinach" yummy, wish I coulda eaten it.  Between me trying to sniff the frozen spinach bag and also demanding that she rub my belly by rolling onto my back waving my legs in the air The Momma was having a difficult time keeping the bag on my leg ;) he he he.  She needed an extra hand.

Those two bruises have joined forces today and are one really BIG bruise, this is about an hour after I hit the fence.

So, we were going to take some pictures of us in our Halloween costumes yesterday, but after I hit the fence The Momma decided it needed to wait. We will do that sometime today hopefully. Do not worry, our costumes are not going anywhere ;)

We DID go to Petsmart yesterday and got loved on by everyone we met. That was before The Fence.  There were a lot of other dogs there that we completely ignored, even when they were growling and barking at us.  The Momma was so proud, we have not really been anywhere with her that had a lot of houndies that were NOT greyhounds. We didn't even try to eat the cats that were for adoption.

Here we were inspecting the toy wall

YEA! FOOOOOOOD!!! There it is right there do you see it can we havesomenow?

I promise Momma, I did NOT make that puddle...... honest....
my leg was up cause I was.... stretching it... yea....

Well, we have more to post but it will have to wait till later, Blogger is giving us trouble with pictures.... we have to refresh each time we try to add one and it only lets us add one at a time! Cabby went Trick or Treating with our little girl Emma and he was dressed up ;) Look for more later tonight!



  1. Aww, Nelson, that is a NASTY bruise!!! Sorry to see that you damaged yourself. Hope you feel better soon- and can't wait to see Halloween costume photos!

  2. Iz so sorry to heerz ob ur pains Nelson. Youz dont needs to be imbare-assed about runnin into dat fence, I'm shore it wuz da fences fault! Ah hopz ur feelin all bedder reel soon and youz can runs like da wind!

    lubs and hugs from ur fwend
    ~ Chai

  3. now how could you not love those faces...I love you boyz...I hope you feel better Nelson...I know it sucks to be sick...

  4. Nelson that sure is a nasty bruise. I hope you will be ok. I'm sending you loads of doggie hugs.

    Fab photos. Both adorable dogs.

  5. Nelson, I think that bruise is worthy of a trip to Sonic Burger... I hope the bruise goes fast and you are both feeling fab and not as scared of fireworks as Speedy is..

    Speedy's friend Claire .''.

  6. Oh my! That is a nasty bruise! I hope you're feeling better today!

    I think it's worth a trip to Sonic too! Be more careful next time!!

  7. Poor baby Nelson, lots of kisses to make it better. :(