Friday, October 8, 2010

Steppers Day Out Part I and II

Hello everyone! Stepper here to tell you about my Birthday! I know some of you are saying "But wait.... didn't we already hear about Steppers birthday???" 

well, yes... yes you did.
But I am speshul. So you get to hear about it twice ;)

If you remember, in your remembering of my birthday posty, The Momma's houndmobile was broken and I was cheated out of my Sonic and Petsmart trip! CHEATED I SAY! Well a few days later after the crisis of the houndmobile was over she made it up to me... partially.

We went to Sonic.

"We" meaning my sister Fiona and I.  Her 2nd Gotcha day was September 22nd so she got to come along.
you can see her peeking out from behind me in the picture below. She is kinda camera shy which is why you hardly ever see a good pic of her....

So I placed my order for 20 bacon cheeseburgers, 5 orders of tatertots, 3 large french fries, 6 orders of mozzarella sticks, a couple of cartons of those chicken strip dinners, and 9 foot long hotdogs with chili.

The Momma said no :(

So The Momma let Fiona takeover ordering in hopes she would still have some money afterwards.  Fiona was instructed to order only 2 Cheeseburgers.  what a rip!

After the food was ordered we kept a close eye out for the food lady.  Bully and Nelson said they can be really cute sometimes.  Personally, I think anyone with a bag of food for ME is cute......
 (The Momma loves my "age spotted" butt)

Boy they are kinda slow today.....

But at last! the food came!!!!

nom nom nom

nom nom nom!!!

We had a blast!

 But wait! The Momma still owed me for the Petsmart trip. So tonight, when Daddyman forgot to bring home a bag of houndie food, The Momma made a special trip. We were almost completely out of food! 
(the horror!) 
So she brought me along for the ride :)

She did not get many pictures, something about me not standing still for more than a split second and about the bad lighting in the building and closing time.... 

Anyhow here I am with the Wall O'Toys

that was really cool.... 

but not as cool as the Wall O'Snacks Kitties!!!!!

I swear that bottom one wanted to come home with me.....

I had a great long car ride back home.  The only thing I am worried about is the HUMONGOUS bottle of houndie shampoo she bought along with the food..... 

Thanks for re-visiting and re-celebrating my 10th birthday with me everyone!


PS, Bully and Nelson wanted me to bring the right hand column to everyones attention. There is a pair of 9 year old bonded greyhound brothers featured there named Tabasco and Zack.  If you have room in your heart and home for a set of brothers like Bully and Nelson please take a look.... if you don't have room, please share their link with those who might.  We really want to see them get adopted together..... Thankyou


  1. Glad you got your treat Stepper.

  2. Finally!!! You got your Sonic trip! Woo hoo!

    I'll put Bully and Nelson on my Facebook page.

  3. What a great time! Cheeseburgers & a trip to the store. I would try to hide that shampoo, though!

    My mom person loved your polka-dotted butt cheeks!

    Nubbin wiggles,