Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quickie

Hello friends! We wanted to stop in and let everyone know we are alive and well! We have a few quick updates for you.....

Nelson still has his bandage, he heals rather slowly and when The Momma decided to leave the bandage off he started chewing on the scabby scar :( so back with the bandage till it is completely healed.  Unfortunately we ran out of green vet wrap :( GASP! so for now it is white....

The Momma has been hogging the computer from us because of something called "orders". We got really interested when we heard that at first because we place "orders" with Sonic.... but this is the collar and stocking type of order for her company and since they are not edible... we lost our interest rather quickly.  Nonetheless if we are absent for longer than a few days this is the reason.....

She has also been getting ready for the GALT Christmas Event in Addison Tx, we were there on Sunday of last week and brought in a lot of customers that just came to love on us! Well.... not really but we bet a few came just to see us at least... We will be there again on Saturday with The Momma and all her collars, expect a report on that later next week, hopefully with some pictures! Stop by if you are in the area and give us some kisses!

At the GALT event Sunday....

And last but surely not least! Last Friday, we found out that Zack and Tabasco, the 9 year old brothers that we fostered for a bit, were adopted... TOGETHER!!!!  Well that just warms our hearts to see two lifetime companion siblings get to stay together for always..... but it gets even better.... We featured Zack and Tabasco on our blog in the upper right hand corner and soon added Chancey and Delayney too, a pair of 10 year old sisters that have been together all their lives that also needed a home.  Well guess what! Today we got word that THEY were adopted too! TOGETHER!!!! WOO HOO!!! It has been a triumphant week for siblings!!! Now we will soon have a big blank space where there little "ads" are, if you know of a pair of greyhound siblings that need adopting together please let us know so we can feature them here!

Well that is all for now, we titled this "A Quickie" but it really didn't turn out to be... we just had too much to share!

-Bully and Nelson

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nelson's Lumpy Leg Update

Hello everyone! Nelson here to give you an update on my lumpy leg.  For those of you who did not read yesterday on our FaceBook page the results are in and....

There is absolutely NO CANCER!!!!

The vet says that it may be an old injury and to watch to see if I start limping or if it starts to grow. Other than that we do not have to do ANYTHING more!!!! The Momma was so happy and started crying, We were so afraid it was going to be really bad news.  

Anyhow, The Momma had to run a quick errand this morning and came back with Sonic Burgers in celebration!  I got one all to myself!
 THERE ARE NO ONION RINGS IN THAT BAG, it just happened to be the bag they used

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burger!!!! the WHOLE thing this time!

I got a new grunting hedgie too! Brand new! It got quite the workout when The Momma gave it to me

Well I must admit that while The Momma was gone this morning I was so worried about her leaving that I made a mess in my crate :( The reason I look damp in these pictures is because I am (and I am NAKED too!)  The Momma had to give me the best bath she could without getting my incision and stitches wet.  She was only gone an hour but remember what happened the last time she left me, I was at the Vet.  So I was very upset and nervous.  The Momma cleaned me up but my nasty bandage had not been spared from the muck, it had to go.

So here is my leg, I left the picture small because some people hate seeing this stuff, you can click on the pic to make it full sized though.  The Momma says they did a good job and I have no swelling and very little bruising. 

What Momma? You are going to put a new bandage on me?
geez... well ok....I sure hope it isn't yellow.......

uhoh....Here she comes with the box of bandages, gauze and tape.....

YAY GREEN!!!!! I thought I would help out a little, The Momma was not appreciative of me trying to steal the roll... I got it away from her a few times :) I was still a little excited from getting my hedgie...

There is is, good as new.  Here I am inspecting her handiwork. Don't worry, it is not too tight, the Momma did it as loose as possible since it needs to bend.

I am feeling pretty good today, even better after my bath and getting that huge bandage off! 
thankyou everyone for your good thoughts for me. They WORKED!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nelson And The Foster Boys

Hello everyone, Nelson here.  It has been a busy last few days for me and The Momma which is why we have not been able to posty.  On Tuesday I had to go in for my biopsy.  They were going to go in, see what they found and either take a sample or remove the lump if they could.  Well, it is not going to be easy :( they removed what they could but it is wrapped around my tendons so there is a lot left of the lump. They made me spend the night too :( so I was apart from my brother for a whole day, it was not fun at all.  The Momma says Bully missed me a lot and was so sad.

But The Momma came to my rescue, picked me up from the vet and I got a burger for lunch to go with my meds on the way home :)

See my horrible yellow bandage? ewwwww don't they know I like green? I have to wear a baggie over it when I go out to pee since it is wet here too, how embarrassing.  The Momma says it will come off in a few days.

Anyhow I am feeling fine today but a little chilly, The Momma let me borrow Streamers jacket so I can be extra toasty warm. I have been sleeping a lot but I wanted to get on here to let all my friends know that I am doing ok.  The biopsy results should be available on Friday or Monday....

Well, there was something else that I wanted to tell you about, a surprise that was at my house when I got home on Wednesday... you remember a few weeks back me and Bully were asking you to take a look at Tabasco and Zack, the brothers who needed a home? (see the upper right hand side of our blog for their link)

They are here for a short visit :)

This is Tabasco, aptly named because he has the most energy and spunk of the two


The Momma loves his sweet face

"I am extremely cute and you know it!"

and this is Zack, who is a bit of a funny goofball

"I'm gonna getcha!"

"look at my fancy footwork"

"What is that THING inside the window?"
(it was Brody the schnauzer!)

"It's so fun to play outside!"

Well that is all the updates I have for now, The Momma will get some more pics to post soon, we have just been so busy! There are 9 hounds in the house now! That is a lot to take care of.

Thankyou all for your kind thoughts for me, we are all hoping that this lump turns out to be nothing and they can leave it alone forever!