Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nelson And The Foster Boys

Hello everyone, Nelson here.  It has been a busy last few days for me and The Momma which is why we have not been able to posty.  On Tuesday I had to go in for my biopsy.  They were going to go in, see what they found and either take a sample or remove the lump if they could.  Well, it is not going to be easy :( they removed what they could but it is wrapped around my tendons so there is a lot left of the lump. They made me spend the night too :( so I was apart from my brother for a whole day, it was not fun at all.  The Momma says Bully missed me a lot and was so sad.

But The Momma came to my rescue, picked me up from the vet and I got a burger for lunch to go with my meds on the way home :)

See my horrible yellow bandage? ewwwww don't they know I like green? I have to wear a baggie over it when I go out to pee since it is wet here too, how embarrassing.  The Momma says it will come off in a few days.

Anyhow I am feeling fine today but a little chilly, The Momma let me borrow Streamers jacket so I can be extra toasty warm. I have been sleeping a lot but I wanted to get on here to let all my friends know that I am doing ok.  The biopsy results should be available on Friday or Monday....

Well, there was something else that I wanted to tell you about, a surprise that was at my house when I got home on Wednesday... you remember a few weeks back me and Bully were asking you to take a look at Tabasco and Zack, the brothers who needed a home? (see the upper right hand side of our blog for their link)

They are here for a short visit :)

This is Tabasco, aptly named because he has the most energy and spunk of the two


The Momma loves his sweet face

"I am extremely cute and you know it!"

and this is Zack, who is a bit of a funny goofball

"I'm gonna getcha!"

"look at my fancy footwork"

"What is that THING inside the window?"
(it was Brody the schnauzer!)

"It's so fun to play outside!"

Well that is all the updates I have for now, The Momma will get some more pics to post soon, we have just been so busy! There are 9 hounds in the house now! That is a lot to take care of.

Thankyou all for your kind thoughts for me, we are all hoping that this lump turns out to be nothing and they can leave it alone forever!



  1. Nelson! We are so glad you are home - and Tabasco and Zack look like nice friends! <3 <3

  2. Nine hounds in the house? Wow!

    I'm glad you're home and feeling better. Paws crossed that the lump is nothing! Looks like they shaved your arm too. Vets love to mess with our looks!

    Get better soon!

  3. Nelson, Thanks for the lovely photos.

    So glad you are home and healing up. I am thinking of you and hoping the results are good.

  4. Daisy and I are glad to see you up and about. Sounds like you have a really busy house now. Have a good time with you new friends, they look like lots of fun:)

  5. amazing pictures of the New Boys. Looks like you're all having a blast!! Prayers that the lump will be harmless and no future bother.

  6. That's an awesome slumber party! I wish I could join you. Are Tobasco and Jack staying? They look like one fun pair of brothers!

    Get as much rest as you need! We're so glad you're home and recovering!


  7. We sure hope you are feeling better and all is good news on the test results. You have cute foster brothers too.

  8. We're glad you are recovering so well, Nelson. We know you are glad to be home with Bully and your Momma can rest easier now that all her babies are with her.

    Love and belly rubs,
    Jackie, Carmen and Lofty

  9. You guys are wonderful.....BOL & ROOOOOOO to you all....

  10. Great pics and posting. I always LOVE stories from the greyt hound prospective!! Very good!

  11. I had the pleasure of meeting Zack and Tabasco at our last Canine Commissary Meet & Greet! What lovely boys! Friendly, handsome and such good manners! <3

    Courtney, Atticus and Steven

  12. I'm so glad Zach and Tabasco are enjoying time in a greyt home. I fell in love with their pics on the website, and wanted very much to adopted them. My dh nixed the idea of two more seniors to support. We agreed upon Landry, one of the FWAC 28, and adopted him from TIGR in mid-Oct. Wish I could have taken all three. :( Sending extra ear scritchies for all your hounds, especially the visitors, from Landry and me.