Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nelson's Lumpy Leg Update

Hello everyone! Nelson here to give you an update on my lumpy leg.  For those of you who did not read yesterday on our FaceBook page the results are in and....

There is absolutely NO CANCER!!!!

The vet says that it may be an old injury and to watch to see if I start limping or if it starts to grow. Other than that we do not have to do ANYTHING more!!!! The Momma was so happy and started crying, We were so afraid it was going to be really bad news.  

Anyhow, The Momma had to run a quick errand this morning and came back with Sonic Burgers in celebration!  I got one all to myself!
 THERE ARE NO ONION RINGS IN THAT BAG, it just happened to be the bag they used

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burger!!!! the WHOLE thing this time!

I got a new grunting hedgie too! Brand new! It got quite the workout when The Momma gave it to me

Well I must admit that while The Momma was gone this morning I was so worried about her leaving that I made a mess in my crate :( The reason I look damp in these pictures is because I am (and I am NAKED too!)  The Momma had to give me the best bath she could without getting my incision and stitches wet.  She was only gone an hour but remember what happened the last time she left me, I was at the Vet.  So I was very upset and nervous.  The Momma cleaned me up but my nasty bandage had not been spared from the muck, it had to go.

So here is my leg, I left the picture small because some people hate seeing this stuff, you can click on the pic to make it full sized though.  The Momma says they did a good job and I have no swelling and very little bruising. 

What Momma? You are going to put a new bandage on me?
geez... well ok....I sure hope it isn't yellow.......

uhoh....Here she comes with the box of bandages, gauze and tape.....

YAY GREEN!!!!! I thought I would help out a little, The Momma was not appreciative of me trying to steal the roll... I got it away from her a few times :) I was still a little excited from getting my hedgie...

There is is, good as new.  Here I am inspecting her handiwork. Don't worry, it is not too tight, the Momma did it as loose as possible since it needs to bend.

I am feeling pretty good today, even better after my bath and getting that huge bandage off! 
thankyou everyone for your good thoughts for me. They WORKED!!!



  1. Oh NELSON! We are so very happy that you are healthy and on your way to healing. The power of the paw does work!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Yea Nelson! A green bandage! And a new hedgie! Our hedgies are our favorites too!

  3. So glad that your Momma took my advice and got Sonic for everyone. And for even giving you a whole one all to yourself. You certainly deserve it!!

  4. Awesome news - I've never even met, you and my eyes leaked a little too when I heard it was no the evil C. :)

  5. Nelson, I was sooooo pleased to hear that your lumpy leg was nothing to worry about yesterday that I did an A-Z for you.. Here it is again..

    Amazing, Brilliant, Cool, Dandy, Excellent, Fabulous, Great, Happy, Incredible, Joyful, Keen, Likey Likey Likey, Marvelous, Neat, Outstanding, Phenomenal, Quality, Rapturous, Superb, Tremendous, Unreal, Valiant, Wonderful, Xtc, Yay, Zesty!!!!!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and leave those stitches alone..

  6. Nelson, you are stylin' in that green bandage! I am so, so, so happy you got such good news! We are praying that we get good news after Blueberry's surgery on Wednesday, too.


  7. Nelson, I just knew it all along that your future is bright. So many prayers were the best medicine. Bless you, little mister, and your whole family, too. Everyone, had a part in your wonderful outcome.

    I just never knew I could come to love two boys - you and Bully - when I never even met you. Take good care, now.
    Ann Bennett

  8. Nelson you look so handsome now with your green bandage and we won't tell anyone about your crate accident. When you're sick and scared, doze accidents don't count!
    Glad you're feelin better!
    ~ Chai

  9. That is such great news!! I'm so glad you're okay and that you got Sonic too! Whew, we can all breathe easy now!!

  10. That is great news! So glad everything turned out good, including the Sonic burger.

  11. Nelson, What wonderful news.

    I am sure your mum wasn't cross with you for you accident.

    Your Hedgehog looks good. Song has one, but it doesn't make a noise.

  12. Hi Nelson, I just found your blog from Graceful Greyhounds site. You have great pictures and stories. I love your Halloween costumes. Glad to hear that you don't have the cancer. I'm sure your footy will heal up great, but you might tell your Momma that another Sonic Burger will help. ;-)