Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quickie

Hello friends! We wanted to stop in and let everyone know we are alive and well! We have a few quick updates for you.....

Nelson still has his bandage, he heals rather slowly and when The Momma decided to leave the bandage off he started chewing on the scabby scar :( so back with the bandage till it is completely healed.  Unfortunately we ran out of green vet wrap :( GASP! so for now it is white....

The Momma has been hogging the computer from us because of something called "orders". We got really interested when we heard that at first because we place "orders" with Sonic.... but this is the collar and stocking type of order for her company and since they are not edible... we lost our interest rather quickly.  Nonetheless if we are absent for longer than a few days this is the reason.....

She has also been getting ready for the GALT Christmas Event in Addison Tx, we were there on Sunday of last week and brought in a lot of customers that just came to love on us! Well.... not really but we bet a few came just to see us at least... We will be there again on Saturday with The Momma and all her collars, expect a report on that later next week, hopefully with some pictures! Stop by if you are in the area and give us some kisses!

At the GALT event Sunday....

And last but surely not least! Last Friday, we found out that Zack and Tabasco, the 9 year old brothers that we fostered for a bit, were adopted... TOGETHER!!!!  Well that just warms our hearts to see two lifetime companion siblings get to stay together for always..... but it gets even better.... We featured Zack and Tabasco on our blog in the upper right hand corner and soon added Chancey and Delayney too, a pair of 10 year old sisters that have been together all their lives that also needed a home.  Well guess what! Today we got word that THEY were adopted too! TOGETHER!!!! WOO HOO!!! It has been a triumphant week for siblings!!! Now we will soon have a big blank space where there little "ads" are, if you know of a pair of greyhound siblings that need adopting together please let us know so we can feature them here!

Well that is all for now, we titled this "A Quickie" but it really didn't turn out to be... we just had too much to share!

-Bully and Nelson


  1. You must be a good luck charm for siblings that need to stay together!

    We know just how great those stockings are, so we're not surprised that The Momma is busy!


  2. We think that may just be it, Bunny! That is why we want to continue to highlight sibs that need homes together :)
    -Bully and Nelson

  3. So pleased the two lots of siblings got rehomed and together.

    Hope you sell loads of stuff at the weekend. You need the money to buy some more green vet wrap:)

  4. Oh, I'm so happy they got to stay together! Hope you sell lots this weekend. I didn't know your mom made do I see them??

    PeeS: We sent a friend request to you on FB!

  5. Miss Barbara our The Momma owns

    Miss Sue you are right! we need more green vet wrap! Though The Momma took off my bandage this morning and I have yet to mess with it.... so maybe I can buy a new sqweeky hedgie instead ;) I have killed three already!


  6. I'm glad your foot is healing & super-duper glad about the adoption!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. That's so great that the 2 nine year olds were adopted together!