Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's Bully and Nelson, and we just want to say
That our hound family can not wait till the day,
You come down our chimney with your bag full of stuff
We really do hope that it's not full of fluff...

We have some suggestions for hound gifts you see
We hope you don't mind, its one item... maybe three
We love all that sqweeks and crunches and more
Ok, it's NOT three... it's quite a bit more.....

Some collars would be nice or a jacket or two
A bed just for us? Oh yes that'll do.
Along with some jammies, oh that sounds quite nice
Some stuffies to tear up? Just don't look at their price...

Some Rain dog treats and some Sonic and food
My-my this is long, we hope you don't think it rude....
A portrait of us to put up on the shelf,
Eh whats that sqweeking? mmmmm oh it's an ELF!

Oh yes, where to put all these presents of ours?

Over there! by the tree, you can stack them in towers!

There is plenty of room, plus our stockings to fill

With new grunting hedgies oh yes what a thrill!

So Santa will you come?...Yes? Just like you should,

What's that The Momma? You mean we had to be GOOD?

Well now, that's a problem, just what can we do......

We'll blame it on Brody!!! It's practically true!

See... we ARE sweet!


Bully and Nelson

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Greyt Snowball Fight!

Happy Howlidays!!!!!

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The Greyt Snowball Fight

Bully, Nelson, Stepper, Streamer and Cabby

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Miss you guys!

We miss blogging :( The Momma has not had time to help us! Thanks to our Iphone we are able to post a lot more on Facebook than we usually would though!! It makes it so easy! Expect more blogging after the 18th when The Momma closes up shop for the year ;) in the meantime, friend us on Facebook for daily posts and snippits from our day! See the link to the right for our Facebook page! Goodnight for now.....
-Bully and Nelson