Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Calendar is LIVE!!!

for those of you who have waited so patiently..... part of the reason this has taken so long is because it takes a MASSIVE amount of time to gather and edit all the pics... plus we were hope-hope-hoping for SNOW!!! so we could have the perfect picture for December and January ;) Well our wish for snow was granted and two of the pics from yesterdays post have made it onto the calendar!

here is a quick sneak peek


Pretty cool huh? now here is where it gets weird.... We LOVE our pirates picture.. you know the one, it is awesome! well the size of that pic is too small to fill the whole page of the calendar without getting blurry so we had to add a black border. so we are offering TWO versions of the calendar....Here is what October looks like in the ARRRG! version ---

We know that some of you may not like the smaller picture and black border (after all the BIG ones in the rest of the calendar) so we also have a PILOT version as well, in this version the pilots get the October spot-----

(don't worry, the pilots picture is also in the ARRRG! calendar version, but in the February spot, to celebrate the GALT Gala on February 26th which has an aviation theme!)

so click on each link and check out all the fabulous pikkies and choose which October version you like best and order accordingly! Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Pilots in October version
ARRRG! Pirates in October version

Bully and Nelson

edited to add- Order from our store by following the links above!!! if you order by searching cafepress for Bully and Nelson products THEY WILL CHARGE YOU MORE for every product! My set price for calendars is $18.99, the cafepress site price is $20! Our prices in our specific "Bully and Nelson" store are always lower!


  1. Your calendar is awesome! I always knew you were pin up worthy!


  2. I love it but I have a GALT 2011 calendar so I don't need another calendar :( Do you think you guys will be putting together a 2012 calendar before next February? ;)

  3. Thanks Bunny!

    Miss Claire, now that we know what is required to make the calendar we will be setting aside calendar worthy pics all year for 2012. So we will be more prepared! Hopefully we can do next years in November or early December. We have a GALT calendar too! Thanks for supporting GALT!

    -Bully and Nelson

  4. Great to hear! Gaea's mom got me the GALT calendar :)

  5. Very cute Bully and Nelson. I have a calendar already but, maybe next year. Jennifer