Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Hello Friends!!! It has been a while since we have been able to sit down and post a blog entry!  Today required us to stop and take it slow though because we got SNOW!!!

The Momma has been sick the last week or two, it seems to never end for her, the poor thing.  So she spent some of her sick time shopping for new collar ribbons online. Well on Saturday she got the last of her bokses of ribbons in and has over 40 brand new ribbons to add to the site! whew she has her work cut out for her, good thing we just supervise ;)

She ordered some ribbon special just for us (and some for Cabby too) so today while the snow was coming down heavy she sewed our new collars together! Then we got to show them off in the beautiful snow!

It was very cold so were only out there for a few minutes, The Momma was only able to get a few pictures.  So as soon as we got in we went straight to the fire to get all toasty again!

Well we have done a few updates to the blog, we took down our featured siblings that had been adopted (yay!) and now we have FOUR sets up! The GALT ones have not had pictures added yet but as soon as The Momma can get them photoshopped she will plug them in there and you can see the sibbies sweet faces.  If you are interested in a sibbie pair we have featured just click on their picture and it will take you to the site where you can find more info on them!

We also are pondering a calendar of our very own for this year, we have a poll up if you would like to vote, you can see it at the top right hand column.  The reason we are thinking of starting it on February is because by the time we get it set up and ready to order and you add shipping time January may be over, or darn close to it.  If the calendar started on February it would give you 2012's January in THIS January's place.

Hope you enjoyed our warm and cozy pictures! Stay tuned near the end of this month for our next picture contest!  The Momma has had it in the plans for a while now and just has not had the time! This contest will be open to hounds of ALL breeds!

Stay warm and loved <3
Bully and Nelson


  1. Fabby photos and I just adore those collars.

    Hope your mum is feeling much better soon.

  2. It's so good to see you guys again! And you look most handsome out there in the snow and then lying in front of the fireplace! Wowza! I think I may have to get the smelling salts out for Blueberry.

    We hope your mom is feeling better soon! Stay warm!


  3. We missed you! You look so good outside and inside - but lying by that fireplace - YOWSER! So handsome!

    Tell mom to put garlic in her chicken soup and she'll be well very soon!!