Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Star Wars Trilogy

the good three, not those stupid prequels!

Cast of Characters
Obi-Wan Kenobi....... Stepper
Luke Skywalker......... Bully
Princess Leia.............. Fiona
Han Solo.................... Nelson
Darth Vader............... Cabby
Lando Calrissian......... Streamer

we had the streaming links posted here but it seems it may have been causing some people trouble with loading our page!!! We want everyone to still be able to come here without issue so we have changed the imbedded videos to outside links to each movie :) each link will take you to for viewing!

-Bully and Nelson


  1. Bwaaaa ha ha! Thanks for not making us wait to see the sequels! Those were great!

  2. It might just be my PC, but it took ages for this post to open. Then it took ages for the three vids to load. Even then only the first one played right. The middle one wouldn't play at all and the last one didn't play right. Then it took ages for the comment box to finally appear.

    As I said, it migh just be my PC, but thought you should know in case others have problems.

  3. Miss Sue, thankyou so much for letting us know! We have taken out the streaming video and added just the movie posters with links below to each video on the Jibjab site, that way it should load our blog just fine now :)
    -Bully and Nelson